About Rhino Blast:

Mobile Paint-Stripping & Restoration
Meeting your resurfacing, blasting, and coating needs throughout Missouri or Kansas. We travel to where you need us. Whether the project is residential, commercial, automotive, marine, or industrial, we’ve got you covered.


  • Residential Restoration
    Removing paint, weather buildup, stucco, and stains on most surfaces in and around the home.

  • Automotive Restoration
    Completely removing paint, rust & chloride, leaving a paint-ready surface.
  • Commercial & Industrial Restoration
    Restoring commercial buildings, public garages, municipal properties, and more.

  • Marine Restoration
    Removing epoxy and anti-fouling paint from steel, aluminum, and fiberglass

  • Dry Ice Blasting

What's Dustless Sandblasting?

Dustless Sandblasting consists of removing virtually any coating from any surface! These surfaces include but are not limited to: Aluminum, Plastic, Brick, Steel, Sheet Metal, Stone, Concrete, etc. We offer a safe and environmental friendly way to remove any unwanted coating. This is a great benefit as far as clean-up as well!

Frequently Asked Dustless Blasting Questions

How much does dustless blasting cost?
The cost for dustless blasting varies because every job is different. The size of the job, abrasive used, hourly rate, and need for mobile services are all things taken into account for appropriate dustless blasting cost.

How does dustless blasting work?
Dustless Blasting works by using a mixture of water and choice of abrasive to remove or blast away rust or contaminants off a surface. Abrasives are inserted into the Dustless blaster tank that connects to a hose that shoots out the abrasives. After blasting is completed the surface will be ready for a new paint job or restoration.

Can Dustless Blasting Remove Rust?
Yes. Dustless Blasting can remove rust off any surface